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The Law Firm MERCEDES CUEVAS ABOGADOS-LAWYERS (MERCEDES CUEVAS MARTINEZ, NIF 11.445.552-Q, COLEGIADA Nº 5949 I.C.A. Alicante), is placed in Calle Patricio Ferrándiz nº 61 1º 2ª, Denia (Alicante).

General Conditions that govern the use of the website MERCEDES CUEVAS.

1. Legal information and acceptation.

The access and use of the pages on the website of MERCEDES CUEVAS are governed by the present general conditions. To this effect the website is understood to be not only the web pages but also the information, contents and services that are placed at the disposition of those who access the site. The access to the website MERCEDES CUEVAS implies accepting the actual general conditions. In the case for a particular content or service which establishes specific conditions, these will be given priority over the actual general conditions.

2. Contents of the website and contract of services.

The contents of the website cannot be considered an offer of services or a contract proposal to those who access the same, in the same way neither must its contents be considered legal advice or information to be used in making decisions. The contents originate from our own sources and other sources. The purpose is that it is useful to those who access the website, but does not guarantee its usefulness, for that reason the user should assume that he/she must not take decisions based on its contents without professional assessment.

The fees of our Legal services will be established in the contract proposal. MERCEDES CUEVAS does not offer their services through the website.

3. Access to the website.

The access to the website, in all cases, is at the expense and risk of those who accede to the same. The access, in general, is free and freely available to all, except the pages or services that are reserved for clients, being in all cases at the expense of the visitor´s connection to the communication net. MERCEDES CUEVAS cannot guarantee that the website is virus free; therefore it assumes no responsibility for the existence or propagation of a virus.

4. Intellectual and industrial property.

All website contents are the intellectual property of MERCEDES CUEVAS or of third parties, and no content exploitation rights recognized by the intellectual property legislation in force can be deemed to have been licensed to User except for such content as is strictly necessary for the use of the website.

The trademarks, trade names or distinctive signs are the property of MERCEDES CUEVAS or third parties, and access to the website cannot be deemed to attribute any right to such trademarks, trade names and/or distinctive signs.

5. Processing of personal data.

Pursuant to Personal Data Protection Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, 1999 (“LOPD”), please note that any personal data and information you include on the electronic form provided for this purpose and any information or documentation sent will be incorporated into a personal data filing system owned by MERCEDES CUEVAS ABOGADOS-LAWYERS (MERCEDES CUEVAS MARTINEZ. NIF 11.445.552-Q).

In accepting the terms and conditions of our privacy policy, by ticking the box at the end of the text, you expressly consent to the automatic disclosure of the data supplied by you.

Questions included in the enquiries are free, except those with a (*), which are compulsory. In case you do not answer any of those compulsory questions, MERCEDES CUEVAS reserves the right not to complete the answer.

By completing the e-mail address and cell phone fields you expressly consent to receive communications from MERCEDES CUEVAS ABOGADOS-LAWYERS, via e-mail or SMS, for the above-mentioned purposes.

Rights ARCO. You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection at MERCEDES CUEVAS ABOGADOS-LAWYERS, C/ Patricio Ferrándiz nº 61 1º 2ª, Denia Alicante (03700) Spain, or by e-mail at: .

Data collection form. All information supplied by User on website forms or afterwards must be true. For these purposes, User warrants the authenticity of all data communicated by User and will keep the information supplied to MERCEDES CUEVAS perfectly updated so that it reflects User’s actual status at all times. In all cases, user will be solely liable for any false or inaccurate representations made by User and for any damage caused to MERCEDES CUEVAS or to third parties by reason of the information supplied by User.

Security measures. MERCEDES CUEVAS adopts the security measures required by Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, 2007, approving the regulations implementing the LOPD, in line with the nature of the data processed from time to time. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the technical security of a medium such as the Internet is not impregnable and there may be willful misconduct on the part of third parties, although MERCEDES CUEVAS  has set in place all of the measures within its power to prevent such misconduct.

6. Introduction of links.

Those who intend to establish a system (hyperlink or other technique) of links with the website MERCEDES CUEVAS will have to receive written authorization from same. The link, authorized or not, does not imply any relationship between those who establish the link and MERCEDES CUEVAS. The authorization can be always cancelled.

MERCEDES CUEVAS will not be held responsible for the information and services of the links on the web page, or for the inclusion of directories or search instruments, which only constitute a service and not a promotion of said contents, sites, searchers, directories with information, and the access to the same being the exclusive responsibility of the User.

7. Use of contents of the website.

User agrees to use the Portal correctly in conformity with the law and with this Legal Notice. User will be liable to MERCEDES CUEVAS or to third parties for any loss or damage that may be caused as a result of a breach of this obligation.

The use of the Portal for purposes that damage the property or interests of MERCEDES CUEVAS or of third parties, or otherwise overload, damage or disable networks, servers and other hardware or software belonging to MERCEDES CUEVAS or to third parties, is expressly prohibited.

User undertakes to use the Content in conformity with the law and with this Legal Notice, and with any other conditions, regulations or instructions that may be applicable in conformity with the provisions of these General Conditions.

8. Use of cookies.

This website does not use cookies.

9. Legislation.

Spanish law applies to the actual present conditions. Spanish jurisdiction is the only competent jurisdiction and the national competence corresponds to the Denia Courts, understanding that those who access the site renounce their corresponding jurisdiction for whatever reason.